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Welcome to Monarch Lacrosse


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Monarch Lacrosse is a club for girls between the ages of 12 and 18. Coach Greg Courter started Monarch because he saw the need for a program in Michigan that is focused on teaching the right skills, habits, and understanding of the game necessary for girls to reach their fullest potential as players.


Our firm belief is that the players who learn how to play the game properly have the most fun. 

Our Coaching Philosophy

Lacrosse Field by Ben Hershey

Practices Must Be Challenging

For players to develop, they must spend time outside their comfort zone at practice. I may start a difficult drill with very few instructions and tell the girls to figure it out. This also promotes one of the essential elements of quality lacrosse -- communication. We may do conditioning at the start of practice so that the girls learn to play when they are tired. I never tell the girls ahead of time what we are doing, and no two practices are the same. After all, games are fast-paced, unscripted and nonlinear, so practices should be, too. Many of my players have said that my practices are more challenging (and fun!) than our games.


 upcoming programs

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2024 summer training program

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Skill Clinics and Training

See our schedule for upcoming opportunities.

Individualized Coaching Plans

Work with our coaches to maximize skills.

Camps, Tournaments, and Workshops

We believe that variety builds stronger skills!

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